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Alan Byrd & Associates tells your story to your clients, the public and government officials through a multitude of low-cost ways.

Public Relations

Telling your story through earned media in all forms of the news - print, electronic and broadcast.

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Political Strategy

Telling your story to targeted voters and elected officials through professional campaign management.

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Corporate Marketing

Telling your story to the targeted markets in a low-cost manner to grow your business.

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Creative Design

Telling your story through branded and cohesive visual elements, logos and collateral.

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Our Services Alan Byrd & Associates is experienced in every method of telling your story and will ensure your unique story is told to the right audiences.

Press Placement

Alan Byrd & Associates helps determine what are the news angles and then uses his relationships in the media to generate coverage.

Crisis Communications

Alan Byrd & Associates ensures the brand of a company or person is not affected when a crisis or attack occurs through managing public perceptions.

Corporate Writing

Alan Byrd & Associates writes for you, from a full-length book or keynote speech to website copy or sales materials.

Political Strategy

Alan Byrd & Associates delivers winning political strategy to local candidates seeking elected office.

Government Affairs

Alan Byrd & Associates works to build consensus between clients, the community and elected leaders to push forward desired results.

Cause Marketing

Alan Byrd & Associates works with your leadership to find great causes and community efforts to support and grow the business at the same time.

Digital Marketing

Alan Byrd & Associates uses the latest technology in social media and online advertising to target the people you need to reach inexpensively.

Marketing Materials

Alan Byrd & Associates has designed every piece of marketing material you need, from trade show booths to business cards and everything in between.

Business Development

Alan Byrd & Associates works with your team to focus on building sales and connecting leadership with the right customers for each business.

Our Work Alan Byrd & Associates delivers exciting results in a wide-range of programs!


Our Satisfied Clients Alan Byrd & Associates is proud of the response from its long-term clients.

Why Choose Us? Alan Byrd & Associates is your best choice to deliver your message with results.

Your Team Member

We're not consultants. We're part of your team to deliver results.

Strategic Thinking

Our goal is to be ahead of the competition to deliver your message efficiently and economically.

Budget Conscious

We look for ways to tell your message on a limited budget, aiming for the highest results possible.


For nearly 30 years, Alan Byrd & Associates have been telling stories to Central Florida.

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