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How does one grow their business? In the history of business, there have been thousands of different methods used to make business grow, but what works for one company may not work for another. To grow, you need a targeted approach that contains a mixed bag of tricks and Alan Byrd & Associates is the firm you need to develop and implement a growth strategy that works for you. Specifically, Alan Byrd & Associates will focus on the following Areas:

The key to a business' successful growth is starting out with a workable and trackable marketing plan, complete with targeted strategies aimed at specific customer groups. Alan Byrd & Associates' first task with any client is to put together a marketing plan that makes sense and delivers results!

Wonder why your competition is in the press all the time and you're not? They have a public relations professional! Alan Byrd & Associates has the relationships you need with daily, weekly and monthly publications and broadcast outlets throughout Central Florida and the entire state. In addition, Alan Byrd & Associates has over a decade of experience in the media, giving you the comfort you need to speak to a reporter. The firm will utilize those services to develop media coverage for you and your business.

Agency Markups?

Maybe I'm just an amateur for leaving money on the table, but I don't really understand the concept of how advertising and marketing firms put a mark up on third-party services. I charge a monthly retainer for my services. Those services include project management, which includes overseeing all design, printing,…

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Healthcare In America

I like to think of myself as a fiscal conservative when it comes to government spending. I have long believed that government should be nothing more than a trapeze net, there for someone to fall into, bounce back up and push you on your way. It's one of the reasons…

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It’s OK to Tweet In Church

As we were leaving church, my son said he saw me texting and that I should put my phone away. Surprisingly, my mother came to my defense. My wife stood silent believing it was a lost cause. I’ve had plenty of debates on tweeting in church, but I think it’s…

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